bb no don't be sad it's almost summer and that's a good thing

you’re very right and this summer is going to be splendiforous. i was in a shit mood yesterday about my paper, and i still have to finish it, but i realize that two-three weeks from right now, i will be home, seeing friends, swing dancing, cooking, spending time with family and Drake, interning and observing. It’s going to be great. also, thank you for being concerned and sending me nice things.


shitty, what’s up with you

i want to cry 

this paper is so fucking hard and i don’t understand anything enough to write the rest of it

"you really need to cut out the self-hate."

yeah okay thanks for the advice, buddy. words of fucking wisdom right there. i never have once thought of that!!!111

Blake can like a picture but he can’t txt a lady back I see

you gon learrrrrrrrrn toDAY